Writer's Block: Ice cream isn't cutting it

How long does it take to recover from a broken heart? Is it better to jump back into dating or spend time alone?

as long as it takes, everyone is different.  generally when you can stop missing/hating/loving the person is a good start, as then your able to accept things and make a new start.  once your over it no need to spend time alone.

Writer's Block: When push comes to shove

What can be done to promote tolerance and stop bullying in schools?

a theorist once did a study on this and countucted a test on children in school.  the first day she said that all the children with blue eyes were better then the ones with brown eyes, they got longer breaks, seconds at lunch, they got more praise etc etc while the children with brown eyes were denied all these things.  by the first break time there were already fights between the blue eyes and the brown eyes, and brown eyes was regarded as an insult.  the next day, she reversed the roles.  on the third day she asked the children if they would ever judge somebody or make fun of them in any way because they were different in any way to them, and every child said no.


I miss my friend.  they haven't gone anyway, we fell out over something.
I can either belive that they did this something intentionally, which leads me to question the people I place my trust in, or I can beleive what they said about it being an accident, but that would require a lot of faith and I find I don't have it, which leaves me stuck at beleiving they did it intentionally.
This being the case, I owe it to my friends involved and my partner to not talk to this person and not to have them as part of my life in any way. 
My problem with this is that this person was a very good friend of mine for over half my life, and I actually find myself missing just being able to call him to ask something and ending up having a 3hr conversation about nothing in particular. 
I miss him as my friend, before things got all weird and twisted and before all this shit kicked off. 
But because I can't beleive him, I can't trust him, so I can't see him the same way I used to, and I owe it to people not to talk to him. 
But I owe it to myself to not lose a good friend over something that could have been an accident. 
Not good.
To talk to him or not?
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